Saturday, November 6, 2010

haha Ubottomlypse

Now that I have a pretty okay artists statement written, there's nothing stopping me from submitting art to every single call for work I lay my eyes on.  I have two pieces in this show at Yes Oui Si (the old Rice Bowl Gallery) in Boston, and what do you know, the opening is at the exact same time as the Unhinged show's opening.  The space has been renovated and the size of it blew my mind since it looks so tiny from the street.

 Reality Television, 42"x54"x6", colored pencil, mat board, chip board, and a bucketload of masking tape you can't see.  2008.


(front cover of book)

 (two of the ten spreads) ((Paris Hilton is on the right))

(back cover) ((my teeth, just for kicks))
Domestication Degeneration book, 8"x6.5"x1", maroon bookcloth, book board, glue, thread, and black, white, and grey paper.  2009.

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