Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my free ticket to burning man

The camel got a final resting place! Indefinitely! It is my most moved sculpture and also my most difficult to move sculpture.  It's been in a total of six different locations.  Each front leg and the two backlegs and butt are detachable/held on by bolts.  Ideally, this guy takes about 15 minutes to put up with the help of two or three other very very very nice people, or realistically, around a half hour.

Camel Toe, 9'x12'x4', pantyhose, scrap wood, screws, bolts, rope, and a random pencil/tasty spoon. 2010. At the lower level of the Tower building of Mass Art, visible from Huntington Ave (currently and forever?).

 At the Transportation Building in downtown Boston

 At Copley Mall in exotic plants.

At the very first show in the new Student Life Gallery in Mass Art.

Being a bad ass and obstructing proper egress in the hallway of Mass Art cause that thing definitely wasn't about to fit in my studio.

This post should end with a picture of it in the back of a pickup truck, but unfortunately that photo got lost and I'm still a little upset about it mostly because the pick up truck croaked, and it was a good one (the pickup truck ((and I guess the photo))).

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