Tuesday, November 23, 2010

clay class and my dillo

I'm taking a class this semester for people who have never touched clay before in their lives.  My teacher's a real cool guy and thinks that making vessels is as lame as I think making vessels is, so I'm making an armadillo.  I just finished all the parts today and they are getting bisqued real soon(!!!), which is exciting, because then I am less likely to accidentally break them!  I plan on soda firing them and hinging/tying them together with some sort of fabric.  I was initially thinking leather, but now I think I want to do something more fibrous and itchy like burlap or tweed or something, but how they look soda fired will probably determine the material I use.

 Biggish pieces have to be hollow so they don't explode when they are fired.  I hollowed the head out through the ear and nose holes.  It made me feel like an Egyptian.

 A back leg getting fanned off with Ben's mugs.

 It took me probably twelve hours to make two back legs, just so you begin to understand how time consuming this was.

Just finished the tail a few hours ago.
There are also middle bands that are in the kiln now that I couldn't get pictures of.

I messed up a couple of times, and this was one of them so I carved an armadillo into it to do a test soda firing run.

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