Sunday, June 12, 2011

Late Night Yard Sale Flier

Late Night Yard Sale Flier, 11"x17", sharpie, 2011.

Unfortunately, this yard sale was pretty much a bust because it rained the whole day and night, it sure as hell wasn't because it wasn't well advertised (my friend and I put up 37)!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I submitted my bison model to the show Supersize: Bigger is Better? at the Ann Marie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center in Dowell, MD a few months ago.  It got accepted and the whole cramming and uncramming process led me to believe that the answer to the question proposed in the show title is: no.  My boyfriend and I drove the bison to southern Maryland, camped in Virginia (by that I mean slept outside for about 4 hours on some gravel in a national park) and then spent a few hours the next day unloading the bison and reassembling it with the help of a couple more nice people.  The sculpture garden is incredible; the Southernish folk that run the place are REALLY nice; there is a massive indoor gallery; and the whole thing pretty much reminded me of the deCordova Sculpture Park in MA.
The front half of the bison just casually on the sidewalk with a couple of my unpaid slave workers friends.

We ended up having to break a little something off to actually fit it in there, but hey that's no skin off my back since the fur was going to cover that part anyways! you gotta skimp somewhere.

I got to ride 11 hours with an iron horn 2 inches from my face!  Didn't once slam my head into that thing! ;)

Once the bison was crammed in there, there wasn't much room for anything else, including getting out of the van.