Monday, June 10, 2013

Greenhouse Update - the beginning of the thinning

Sunday, May 19: 
Things were getting out of hand.

I decided to begin removing some of the plants.  My first victim was this flowering, fruit producing (see the tiny one?) zucchini plant, simply because it was MASSIVE.  I've never grown squash before, or even seen it being grown, so I had no idea that each leaf was four times the size of my head.  I did some internet searching, and the chance of plants surviving the huge shock of growing roots for water and then having most of those roots ripped off (they were SO tangled I had to!) and then thrown into soil is very very poor.  Oh well, I had to thin out the plants anyways - whether they were going to make it or not!

In order for the plant to focus on growing roots, you have to pinch off all the flowers and fruits.  Real sad... I know...

Oh, the carnage!

Monday, May 20:

This cucumber plants was secretly going nuts - I couldn't even see those flowers until I got rid of that pesky zucchini plant!  It's sending vines up everywhere - real sneaky.

Mason loves attacking the hose water.

 Wednesday, May 29:
Tiny yellow summer squash are growing on the only squash plant I kept in the hydroponics!

My first hydroponic-grown strawberries!

The soil plants are getting bigger, too.

Some of my first "harvest" - Amish snap peas and green beans!

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