Monday, May 13, 2013


It's so out of control that I had to tie up all of the tomato plants and try to make their leaves go in specific places so that they aren't all casting shadows on each other. 

Monday, May 13:

A horizontal Empress green bean that I didn't even notice was there until yesterday.

Last week that zucchini leaf was about the same size as my hand!

Another almost-ripe strawberry.

And this weird thing is happening to one of my strawberry plants.
(Also, I got the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's paid summer internship! You may be able to tell I started it by my hands...)

A ton of Amish snap peas are growing right now.. haven't eaten one yet though.

It's a jungle in there!

Tomato flower.

Summer squash flower.  Those stems are like way thicker than my thumb.

Here are some plants that I started in soil at the exact same time as the plants in the hydroponics system... the "controls".  Looks like hydroponics is winning.

He's real tall, so the plants are huge!

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