Sunday, January 30, 2011

last semester

Ceramic Armadillo, 7"x20"(not including tail)x7", soda fired stoneware, cloth. 2010

Snake that Swallowed a TV, 16"x48"x36", polystyrene foam, aquaresin, fabric, TV. 2010.
I need to redo this one/not as happy as I could be with it. 

Little Snake/Television Head, 5"x24"24", polysyrene foam, aquaresin, spray paint, littlest TV. 2010.
My cutest sculpture to date.

Immobilizer/mobilizer, 9"x15"x25", steel, spray paint, bolts, spring, padlock. 2010.

Ghost Tree/Albino RGB, 78"x36"x30", wood, chicken wire, canvas, paste. 2010.
These are long exposures - there were red, green, and blue lights inside of the tree hooked up to a sound organ so when there was noise certain colors would flash. All three colors make white when combined so the light just looks white in the pictures.

Decapitated Mammoth Head, 60"x84"x60", fabric, polystyrene foam, cardboard, duct tape. 2010.

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