Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mural Arts - touching up and finishing RISE

When I got back from Poland I spent a week planning for a trip to Alaska, and then spent a week and a half in Alaska with my mom.  After that, I returned to the mural project I had left behind for the Poland project.  This mural is part of the North Philadelphia Beacon project and can be seen on N. Broad and Lehigh in North Philly.  It was designed by James Burns. It is approximately 250' x 100'.  It'sa big one.

This one is not my photo, but I am told it is the view from the hospital.

You can see some white gaps in the mural - those give away how the mural was put up - 5'x5' pieces of cloth were painted and then aligned to a grid drawn on the wall and then pasted on the wall. I was one of the people responsible for painting over those.  I also helped to seal the mural with an acrylic sealant.

 The view.

 We painted on this 30' swing stage that dangled from the top of the building.  The roof below us is on top of the fourth story of a building, and then we went an additional 5 stories higher than that on the swing stage.

Another view.

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