Saturday, January 18, 2014

Greenhouse - July 10, 2013 - SPIDER MITES BEGIN!

 At this point I was leaving for Poland in a couple of weeks and also coming down with a killer case of spider mites inside the greenhouse.  I would remove all of the really dead leaves and only a few days later there would be even more dead leaves!  It is amazing the damage that these tiny bugs can cause.  Right before I left for Poland I ordered some beneficial insects that love to eat spider mites but they arrived after I had left and didn't seem to work.  Once I knew what spider mite damage looked like I started noticing it everywhere... in my outside soil plants, in neighbors plants, etc.  It seems many plants can survive with some spider mite damage, but the infestation was so crazy in the greenhouse and all the plants were touching each other so it could spread like wildfire easily.

The dead leaves are a result of spider mites.

Notice the dead leaves I removed on the ground

Me touching on some young vegetable

I had recently learned that you should pluck out the little limbs growing between the Y of a plant, since it's pretty much a waste of the plants energy to grow more greenery once they start fruiting.

Here I am grabbing on another very young very promising tomato

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