Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mason - my new/only/first dog!

 So I got my very first dog about one month ago!  I've only waited my entire life to get a dog!  And this is a real good one!  His favorite thing to do is lay down and be a couch potato.  He's a schnauzer mix and is 3 years old.  He's really unique looking and has a full beard and mane that get him lots of compliments.  I got him from Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue in Wilmington, DE, but he is a rescue originally from Taiwan.  He lived in Taiwan up until about 6 months ago.  I gave Joan Chen, one of the people that runs Hopeful Hearts Rescue, this drawing of him the day I adopted him as a gift.

Mason drawing, 10" x 8", graphite on bristol paper, 2012.

This is a photo Joan took of Mason, her wire-haired rescue Daisy (who loved to stand on you so you were forced to give her pets because you couldn't get up), and myself.

 Mason with Alec, my boyfriend's mom's shepard/husky mix.

Now I get to vacuum up faux and real hair every week!

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  1. hey! maybe this is a weird place to ask but found your blog via searching for hopeful hearts--im currently wanting to adopt a dog from them but they haven't gotten back to me with an application--i'm wondering what your response/wait time was since it is all-volunteer run!