Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blown Up Cross Section Drawing

I made a series of 14 cross section drawings for the construction of the bison model and final life-sized bison sculpture. For my solo show, I blew up the tallest, widest cross section drawing using an overhead projector.  I even transfered my disorderly notes to myself and my scratchy 5th-grade-boy handwriting.  I used this gigantic piece of graphite to draw the whole thing.  It gave the feel of a single (albeit gigantic) pencil line.  

 The only wall that was clear of a lot of hanging pictures and furniture was where we usually keep the trash can in the kitchen.

Here it is at my show. The actual cross section is now 76" tall, which is the height of the bison sculpture at it's highest point.

 It looks small compared to the bison!  That drawing is the actual size of the timber framed section.  There is a lot of felt/fur bulking it out!

This is the original drawing.  The entire drawing is  only 16" tall.  The "wood" is 1/8" thick in the original drawing, and in the enlarged version it's almost 1".

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