Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new camera

I bought this bad boy specifically for taking photos of my art (more 3D than 2D, which implies that I'll have to start making 3D work.....).  I chose this one pretty much only because my best college art teacher recommended it as a nice but not-so-nice-it's-reflected-in-the-price camera.


  1. jealous! i've been wanting this one for awhile now...too bad my farmers salary is not that 'nice'.

    thanks for posting art. i have cabin fever. gives me something nice to look at.

    hope life in philly is grand. miss you. wish you were closer.

  2. yeah that's rough, because you actually take pictures often. I can see why you'd want one/why it'd be good for you. supposedly the g13 will be coming out sort of soon, so maybe the g12's prices will drop so dramatically that even a little farmer girl can afford it.

    haha cabin fever is something I'm all too familiar with. I should be having more posts in the not so distant future.

    philly seems grand, although I spend way more time in the suburbs nowa days, which I don't even mind cause I just make stuff all day.

    I'm going to definitely go to Maine to see my dad and grandparents before mid May (going to poland again then), so JB and I will have to stop by the farm for hopefully a decently-long while. I miss you too and hopefully will see pretty soon.