Saturday, May 21, 2011

actual bison in progress

I kept the bison undercover in the woodshop for the entirety of its construction.  This is a shot of it's shoddy neck and head construction that wouldn't be visible. 

Each student is allowed 6 cubic feet in the senior show.  The bison turned out to be 3.5' x11' and one of the gallery people thought it was too big.  It did get in the show and my convincing footprint/space holder probably explains why........

Yeahhhh huge gallery mess!  I got the bison in there at around 5pm and finished assembling it by 8 am the next day and only because two of my friends stayed up the entire night helping me apply the "finish" (feed n wax and dirty metal shop rag) and putting on the felt.  I used old memory foam to bulk out and shape the head. Half of it had the finish on it at this point.

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